Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Down in the spraybooth, something stirred

In between all my gallivanting around, getting locked in car parks and eating cake, I managed to find a few minutes to take the railbus to the spraybooth for a blow over with some colour.

To make accessing the lower portions easier, the model sits on a handy box of cat food. The moggies don't seem to mind me using it and the recycling men don't seem bothered what paint it gets in the outside. It makes a nice solid support and yet can be spun around on the turntable. 

Colours used were Humbrol 250 (pale brown) below the footplate, 70 (rust) everywhere but especially the front, 173 (track colour) all over and a finish using Railmatch weathered black around the exhaust. 

The effect I'm looking for is a gentle tinting rather than any standout colours. Each paint is heavily thinned and sprayed from about a foot away so it's nearly dry when it hits the model - dirt is matt as far as I am concerned. To avoid clean "shadows" behind the rods, a 9V battery turns the wheels a bit between colours.

Monday, August 21, 2017

More paint

More paint. Red for the buffer beams and cranks, weathered black (why is this satin finish?) for the lamp, exhaust stack and radiators and wood for the wooden front steps. A bit of dry-brushing, gunmetal on the stack and radiators and brass on the door handles, starts to bring it alive.Now I have to let everything dry fully before washing some dirt over the thing. Then down to the spraybooth.

One problem is going to be hiding that PCB inside the cabin. Full size resistors look a bit incongruous and even a few people won't hide them.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bressingham 2017

Foden C type lorry

To Bressingham for the garden railway event.

Or at least that was the plan, I'd never been to Bressingham before. I knew of it - mainly because the industrial Garratt lives there - but what with it being 3 hours away, a visit hadn't been on my radar. However, with a garden railway event taking place, my new role made it important for me to visit.

What I hadn't expected was a rally of small-scale steam vehicles with 29 entratns, all of excellent quality.

Gn15 loco

After poking around the sheds, finding my favourite loco and enjoying a load of the others, I headed in to the garden railway show. There was an awful lot of chatting with trade and exhibitors. Sadly, this didn't result in many photos for you.

More producting for pictures was the rally and also the three working real railways on site. I didn't have time for a ride, that will have to wait for another day, but it's ceretainly worth the trip. For a tenner, I could have even driven a narrow gauge loco pulling slate wagons. Money well spent.

For the moment, enjoy a little Terrier action:


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday Film Club: Snaefell Number 4 by drone

For the moment, we will ignore the recent issues concerning the Snaefell Mountain Railway and the hysterical contributions to the discussions by people who should know better. 

Instead, look at the very recently refurbished Number 4, turned out in Ailsa green livery and looking very smart indeed. The guys working for the railway really do an excellent job on this sort of work and it's lovely to see the tram under test on the line. 

The drone fliers got lucky too. It's not always that clear when heading up the mountain.